How long is 12 inches compared to an object?

How long is 12 inches compared to an object?

In our daily lives, we often encounter situations where we wish to measure various objects but find ourselves without the necessary tools. It’s a relatable experience that most of us have encountered at least once. Fear not, for we are here to assist you in such times of need.

When you find yourself without a measuring tool, one convenient approach is to rely on everyday objects that happen to be 12 inches long. By comparing these familiar items to the target object, you can estimate its length effectively.

To aid you in this endeavor, we have curated a comprehensive list of eight common household items that precisely measure 12 inches.

12 Inches is exactly equal to 1 Foot or 30.5 centimeters or 3.5 meters.

So without further ado, let’s delve right into our exploration of these intriguing objects.

8 Common things that are 12 inches long

Below, you will find a curated list of 8 common household items that either measure exactly or are approximately 12 inches long. These objects can serve as useful references when estimating the length of other items:

1. 2L Bottle

2L Coca Cola Bottle

When it comes to soda bottles, they come in various sizes and lengths. However, if we specifically focus on finding items that are around 12 inches long, the 2L (2-liter) soda bottle fits the criteria.

Although the exact length may vary slightly and could exceed the 12-inch mark by approximately 1 inch, it serves as a reliable reference for obtaining a general understanding of objects measuring 12 inches.

The next time you find yourself in need of a quick measurement and lack a ruler or tape measure, simply reach for a 2L soda bottle from your refrigerator.

2. 2 Dollar Bills

Pile of 100$ Dollar Notes

I love measuring things with Dollar Notes as I know the exact length of Dollar Note length and because of its ease of access. Dollar bills, with their standardized width, provide a useful reference for estimating lengths. Each dollar bill, regardless of its denomination, measures exactly 6.14 inches wide which comes around 6 inches.

By utilizing two dollar bills and summing up their widths, we arrive at an exact value of 12.18 inches. Although this slightly exceeds our 12-inch mark by 0.18 inches, for general understanding and estimation purposes, this deviation is insignificant.

Hence, when you find yourself in need of determining the length of an object around 12 inches, you can rely on dollar bills as a practical measuring tool. Their consistent dimensions and ease of access make them a handy resource for quick measurements in everyday situations.

3. 2 Smart Phones

iPhone 12 with its box

Using smartphones as measuring tools can indeed be a practical method when traditional measuring tools are not available. As mobile phones come in various sizes and lengths depending on the model and brand, it’s important to be aware of the specific dimensions of your smartphone.

For instance, let’s consider the iPhone 12 as an example. The iPhone 12 has a precise length of 6.06 inches. By comparing the length of two iPhone 12 devices, you can obtain a total length of 12.12 inches. This measurement falls within our desired 12-inch mark, making it suitable for estimation purposes.

To determine the exact length of your specific smartphone model, you can refer to reliable sources such as GSM Arena, which provides detailed specifications for various phone models. Once you have the accurate length of your smartphone, you can utilize it as a measuring tool by comparing it to other objects to estimate their lengths.

Keep in mind that while smartphones can serve as convenient makeshift measuring tools, it’s essential to be aware of potential variations in smartphone dimensions across different models and brands.

4. 12 Hockey Pucks

11 Hockey Pucks aligned vertically on icefloor

Hockey pucks, the essential equipment in the sport of hockey, can indeed serve as a unique and practical measuring tool. Typically, a hockey puck has a height or thickness of approximately 1 inch. By combining 12 hockey pucks together, their heights stack up to form a length of 12 inches.

While it’s important to note that the combined length of 12 hockey pucks may vary slightly, either slightly exceeding or falling just short of the exact 12-inch mark, for general understanding and estimation purposes, these slight differences are negligible. The goal here is to gain a rough idea of items measuring around 12 inches, and the collective length of 12 hockey pucks offers a useful approximation.

So, if you find yourself without a ruler or measuring tape, grab a dozen hockey pucks and arrange them in a line. While the exact measurement may not be precise, it provides a practical and tangible reference for objects measuring around 12 inches in length.

5. Zip Ties

Collection of Red and Green Zip Ties

Zip ties, those handy household items renowned for their versatility, are often found in many households. Primarily used for bundling and organizing wires, zip ties come in various sizes and lengths. Ranging from 3 inches to 60 inches in length, they offer a wide array of options for different purposes.

When it comes to finding a measurement tool, zip ties of approximately 12 inches long are commonly available. These specific zip ties, with their convenient length, can be effectively employed as makeshift measuring instruments. By using a 12-inch zip tie as a reference, you can estimate the length of other objects by comparing or aligning them to the zip tie’s dimensions.

The widespread presence of zip ties in households makes them readily accessible for quick measurements. So, the next time you need to gauge the length of an item and lack traditional measuring tools, consider utilizing a 12-inch zip tie as a practical and convenient option.

6. Size 14 Men’s Shoe

Collection of Men's Leather Shoes

When it comes to measuring lengths without a traditional measuring tool, sometimes the solution is right under your feet. If you happen to be a man with a shoe size of 14, then you’re in luck. A men’s shoe size 14 is precisely 12 inches big, making it an ideal makeshift measuring instrument.

By utilizing your own shoe as a reference, you can estimate the length of other objects by comparing them to the size of your shoe. While it’s important to note that shoe sizes can vary slightly among different brands and styles, a size 14 shoe provides a reliable approximation of 12 inches in length.

Next time you find yourself in need of a quick measurement and lack a ruler or tape measure, simply grab your size 14 shoe and use it as a handy tool. Its familiar dimensions and easy accessibility make it a practical option for estimating lengths in various everyday situations.

7. Long Ruler

12 inch Ruler on blueprint

Rulers do come in various lengths and sizes, and a long ruler measuring 12 inches can indeed be used to measure objects that are precisely 12 inches long.

Moreover, with a longer ruler, you can employ it to estimate lengths beyond 12 inches. By aligning the ruler in the air and extending the measurement, you can get a general understanding of objects measuring 24 or 36 inches. While it may not provide precise measurements, it allows for a rough estimation of desired lengths.

So, whether you require measurements of 12 inches or need to approximate longer lengths, a long ruler proves to be a versatile tool. Its markings and ability to align with objects make it useful for obtaining both specific and approximate measurements

8. 2 Ballpoint Pens

Silver Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens, ubiquitous in households and often found in gentlemen’s front pockets, can indeed serve as a simple measuring tool. With lengths typically ranging from 5 to 5.5 inches, two ballpoint pens combined can give us a total length of approximately 10-11 inches.

While this falls slightly short of the 12-inch mark, you offer an interesting solution. By virtually adding the remaining inches using the distal phalanx (the first part) of your index finger, you can reach the desired 12-inch measurement.

In this way, you can use the length of two ballpoint pens along with the additional virtual extension of your index finger to estimate lengths around the 12-inch range. While it may not provide the same precision as a ruler or measuring tape, it can be a handy method for rough estimations when a measuring tool is not readily available.

Remember to take caution and account for any variations in pen lengths or individual finger sizes to ensure a more accurate measurement.


In this article, we have explored 8 different items that are approximately 12 inches big, which can serve as handy measuring instruments when traditional tools are not available. It’s important to note that these measurements may vary depending on the specific model and brand of the item.

The purpose of this article is to provide a general understanding of lengths and enhance our ability to visually estimate measurements.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a quick measurement or simply enjoy the process of measuring, remember these versatile objects and embrace the joy of exploring and estimating lengths. Happy measuring to Y’all!

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