7 Common things that are 6 inches long

7 Common things that are 6 Inches long

We see a lot of things in our daily life but sometimes we wanted to know the measurement of anything but we lack any measuring tool. Don’t Worry! This happened to all of us at some point in our life, especially as a lover of statistics and measuring different things this has happened to me a lot of times.

In that situation how could we know the precise length of that specific object? In that situation, I’m here for you to guide you. In this article, I will tell you 7 common things that are 6 inches long so if next time you wanted to know how long is 6 inches, you could use that common object around you as a gauge tool.

How Long is 6 Inches?

The length of 6 inches is precisely equivalent to 15.24 centimeters or 152.4 millimeters.

Often, we use the phrase “about the size of our hand” to describe 6 inches, even though the actual size of a human hand may vary from person to person. Nonetheless, this approximation serves as a useful reference since 6 inches is roughly half a foot in length.

7 Common things that are 6 inches long

Following is a list of 7 common things that are approximately 6 inches long. You can use these objects to get a general understanding of a desired length and can use them as a gauging tool.

1. 1 US Dollar Bill

US Dollar Bill size in inches

1 US Dollar Bill can also serve as a useful measuring tool to understand how big is 6 inches. As we all know, the US Dollar bill of any denomination is the same size so we can pick any dollar note to gauge the length of 6 inches.

Each US Dollar bill is precisely 6.14 inches long, equivalent to 15.6 centimeters. While slightly larger than 6 inches, the 0.14-inch difference is negligible and still provides a general idea of the length.  Next time you need to estimate 6 inches, simply take out a US Dollar bill from your pocket and use it as a convenient measuring reference.

2. Human Hand

Male and Female Hand Size in inches

When it comes to measuring objects around 6 inches in length, your own hand is an excellent and easily accessible tool. I personally love this method and mostly use this in my daily life. While human hand sizes do vary, on average, male hands are approximately 7-7.5 inches long, and female hands are around 6.5-7 inches long from the start of the fist to the tip of the middle finger.

Although not precisely 6 inches in length, here’s a solution for you. For males, you can disregard the distal phalanx (1/3 of a finger) of your middle finger to estimate a length of around 6 inches. For females, measuring from the fist to the tip of the Index finger will give you a similar result.

While this method may not provide exact precision, it offers a general understanding and can be used as a reliable gauge. Another tip is to measure your own hand length during your free time. This will provide you with more accurate results and a better understanding when you need to measure the length of various objects using your hands.

3. Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint Pens size in inches

To get a better understanding of how big is 6 inches, I recommend using a ballpoint pen as a measuring tool. Ballpoint pens tend to be slightly larger than other types such as fountain or gel pens.

Among ballpoint pens, the BIC Crystal Ballpoint is a reliable choice as its length is well-documented and provides more precise results compared to other brands. The BIC Crystal Ballpoint pen measures precisely 5.86 inches in length, slightly smaller than the 6-inch mark. However, this slight difference is negligible and still offers a general understanding of the desired length.

4. 2 Credit Cards

Credit Card size in inches

When you find yourself without a measuring tool, credit cards can serve as an excellent alternative for gauging various objects. Whether it’s a credit card, debit card, ATM card, or any bank card, they are all standardized in size by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Credit cards typically measure 3.375 inches in height and 2.125 inches in width. To approximate a length of 6 inches, you can align two credit cards vertically, resulting in a combined length of 6.75 inches, which exceeds the desired measurement by 0.75 inches.

Alternatively, you can align two credit cards vertically, but one credit card in width form, to achieve a length of 5.5 inches, which falls 0.5 inches short of the desired length. While the latter method provides more precise results, both approaches can serve as reliable gauges in the absence of a dedicated measuring tool.

5. iPhone 12

Apple IPhone Black Varient

Smartphones can be a convenient tool for estimating the length of 6 inches. It’s not necessary to have an iPhone 12 specifically; any smartphone can provide a general understanding as they typically range between 5.5 to 7 inches in size, depending on the model.

However, let’s focus on the iPhone 12 model, which offers a precise length of 6.06 inches. This measurement is only 0.06 inches higher than the desired 6-inch mark. So, the next time you need to gauge the size of 6 inches, simply take out your smartphone and use it as a makeshift measuring tool.

Using your smartphone can provide a practical and accessible way to estimate 6 inches, regardless of the specific model you own.

6. Toothbrush

Black Toothbrush size in inches

Toothbrushes can serve as a useful alternative measuring tool in certain situations. While toothbrushes come in various sizes and dimensions, the average length typically ranges from 7 to 7.5 inches.

For Instance, let’s consider a Colgate Toothbrush that measures approximately 7.3 inches in length. Although it is 1.3 inches longer than our 6-inch mark, we can disregard the length of the toothbrush head, which is typically around 1 inch. By excluding the head, we can approximate the 6-inch mark with the remaining length of the toothbrush.

Using a toothbrush in this manner provides a practical way to gauge approximately 6 inches, even if the overall length of the toothbrush exceeds the desired measurement.

7. Pencil

Two Black Pencils

A pencil can indeed serve as a useful tool to measure objects that are approximately 6 inches long. On average, pencils are around 7-7.5 inches in length, including the eraser part, which typically adds about 0.5 inches to the total length.

Although this measurement exceeds the 6-inch mark, by excluding the eraser part and sharpening the pencil slightly, it can be brought down to the desired 6 inches or close to it. This makes the pencil a practical and accessible measuring tool for estimating the length of objects in everyday situations.


Indeed, while the objects listed may not be dedicated measuring tools, they can still be used as makeshift references to obtain a general idea of the desired length.

As the famous quote goes,

Necessity is the mother of invention.

and in situations where a measuring tool may not be readily available, we can cleverly repurpose these objects to serve our needs. While their primary function may not be measurement, they can still provide a practical solution when accurate measurements are not crucial, but rather an estimation or approximation of length is sufficient.

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