11 Common things that are 5 inches long. How long is 5 inches?

11 Common things that are 5 Inches long

5 inches is a commonly encountered length in our daily lives, and there are numerous objects with similar dimensions that we come across frequently. In situations where we lack a measuring tool, we can rely on these familiar objects that are approximately 5 inches long to estimate the length.

Considering these common items as makeshift measuring tools for 5 inches can be quite helpful. By comparing the length of these objects to our desired measurement, we can get a reasonably accurate estimate. This approach allows us to gauge the length without the need for a precise measuring instrument.

How Long is 5 Inches?

5 Inches is precisely equal to 12.7 centimeters or 127 millimeters or 0.4 feet.

Indeed, 5 inches can be considered a relatively short length, and visualizing it accurately without a measuring tool can be challenging. To provide some context, it’s worth noting that 5 inches is just one inch shy of half a foot.

11 Common things that are 5 Inches long

Below, you’ll find a compilation of 11 common household objects that measure approximately 5 inches in length. These items are encountered in our daily lives and can serve as practical reference tools when estimating a length of 5 inches.

By familiarizing yourself with these objects, you can rely on them as a gauge for measuring this specific length without the need for a dedicated measuring tool. Their regular presence in our surroundings makes them convenient and reliable points of comparison.

1. Hand Method

Length of Fist and distal phalanx of Index Finger is 5 Inches long

Measuring with our own hands is a method that I highly value and prioritize in my articles. Its simplicity and accessibility make it a convenient tool for measurement.

The size of human hands varies from person to person, but on average, a human fist measures about 4 inches in length, which falls just short of the 5-inch mark. We can also consider the first part of our index finger, known as the Distal Phalanx, which is approximately 1 inch long.

By combining the length of our fist and the first part of our index finger, we have a total length of about 5 inches. This measurement can be utilized effectively as a practical and reliable measuring tool.

2. Standard Soda Can

Coca Cola Can

A typical soda can, made primarily of aluminum, has a standard length of approximately 4.83 inches. This measurement falls just 0.17 inches short of our 5-inch length mark. However, this slight difference does not significantly impact our general understanding of a 5-inch product. It is important to note that this length represents the standard measurement in North America.

3. Smart Phones

iPhone 13 mini with its box

In today’s digital world, smartphones have become incredibly common, with nearly everyone carrying one in their pocket. Apart from their numerous functions and uses, smartphones can also serve as convenient measuring tools, a feature that many people are unaware of.

As of 2023, most smartphones range from 6 to 7 inches in length. For the purpose of illustration, let’s focus on a specific model that measures 5.4 inches in length: the iPhone 13 mini. Although it exceeds our 5-inch mark by 0.4 inches, we can easily overlook this slight difference and still gain a general understanding of the length of an item.

Hence, the next time we need to measure something that is 5 inches long, we can utilize our iPhone 13 Mini as a readily available and convenient measuring tool.

4. An Uncapped Pen

Uncapped Pen on paper

Pens, too, can be convenient and readily available tools for measuring various objects. They come in different lengths based on specific models and brands. On average, pen sizes typically range between 5.11 to 5.51 inches long.

Although this exceeds our 5-inch mark, if we remove the cap of the pen, its length almost aligns with our desired 5-inch measurement. By utilizing the pen without its cap, we can effectively use it as a measuring tool with a length of 5 inches.

5. Teaspoon

Green Tea and Teaspoon

Spoons come in various types, including serving spoons, tablespoons, and teaspoons, each with different sizes. Teaspoons, in particular, are relatively small in length, typically ranging from 5.5 to 6 inches long.

Although this exceeds our 5-inch mark by approximately 0.5 to 1.5 inches, we can disregard the head part of the spoon, known as the bowl. By focusing on the handle alone, it comes quite close to our desired 5-inch measurement.

Consequently, we can effectively use a teaspoon as a measuring tool with a length of 5 inches, once we exclude the bowl section.

6. Butter Knife

Butter and Butter Knife on White Plate

Knives come in various sizes and serve different purposes, including the butter knife, which is a sharp-pointed, dull-edged knife designed specifically for serving butter pats from a butter dish to individual plates.

A typical butter knife measures around 5 to 7 inches in length, slightly smaller than a dinner knife. This size range provides us with a close approximation for objects that are 5 inches long. By considering the dimensions of a butter knife, we can gain a better understanding of items with a similar length.

7. Two Standard Playing Cards

Standard Playing Card

Playing cards have been a familiar part of our lives, and they come in various sizes. Index or Jumbo cards are larger, measuring 12 cm and 25 cm, respectively.

Let’s focus on the standard playing cards typically used for games like Go Fish and Poker. These cards are comparatively small in size. A standard playing card measures 3 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width.

Interestingly, when we consider the width of two standard playing cards together, their combined length becomes 5 inches. This means we can utilize these two cards as a measuring tool with a length of 5 inches. It’s a practical and accessible way to estimate the length of objects.

8. 2 Tennis Balls

Two Green Tennis Balls

Watching tennis legends like Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic on our TV screens can be an exhilarating experience, especially for tennis enthusiasts like myself. It’s fascinating how this sport, which brings us joy, can also be unexpectedly used as a measuring tool.

Tennis balls, in particular, serve as an interesting example when discussing objects with a length of approximately 5 inches. Typically, tennis balls measure around 2.6 to 2.7 inches in length. By considering the length of two tennis balls, we can estimate a total length of close to 5 inches.

This unique application allows us to use tennis balls as a convenient measuring tool when other traditional measuring instruments are not readily available. It’s both amusing and intriguing how a beloved sport can have such unexpected practical uses.

9. 3 Table Tennis Balls

Table Tennis Ball

Table tennis balls, in contrast to larger balls like tennis or cricket hard balls, are smaller in size. Typically, table tennis balls have a length that ranges between 1.5 to 1.6 inches.

Interestingly, if we consider the length of three table tennis balls, it nearly gives us a total length of 5 inches. While it may not precisely match the 5-inch mark, it still provides us with a helpful reference for objects that are approximately 5 inches long. This demonstrates how table tennis balls can serve as an imaginative tool to gauge the length of other items.

10. Paper Clips

Cluster of Paper Clips

Paper clips are a ubiquitous household and stationery item, commonly utilized by students during their school life. These small objects typically have a length of approximately 1 inch.

Interestingly, if we gather five paper clips together, their combined length totals 5 inches. This example of using five paper clips as a measuring tool effectively demonstrates objects that measure around 5 inches long.

It serves as a relatable and relatable reference for readers, highlighting the versatility of everyday items for measurement purposes.

11. US Dollar Note

1 US Dollar Note

The US dollar note maintains a standardized size across all denominations. Each dollar note measures precisely 6.14 inches in width and 2.61 inches in length. Unfortunately, neither of these dimensions falls within the 5-inch length range.

However, if we combine the length of two dollar notes, regardless of their denomination, it approximately aligns with our desired 5-inch measurement. We can utilize this pair of dollar notes as a practical measuring tool for occasions when we need to measure items that are 5 inches long.

This unique application of currency showcases the adaptability of everyday objects for measurement purposes.


Measurement is often subject to variation depending on specific models, companies, and manufacturers. The purpose here is to provide a general understanding of objects that have a size of approximately 5 inches.

To simplify the process and assist in measuring, I have personally selected a few items and consistently use them as references in my articles. By familiarizing ourselves with these examples, we can easily recall them when needed and confidently measure objects. I hope you find this article enjoyable and informative.

Wishing you a fantastic day filled with successful measuring endeavors. Happy Measuring!

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