10 Everyday items that are 2 inches long

When we describe measurements, picturing them in our minds in comparison to things that we might be able to see commonly makes the concept much more accessible.

Two inches is a frequently talked about measurement, yet without something to compare it to, it can be difficult to picture what it looks like.

How Long is 2 Inches?

Two inches is equivalent to 5.08 centimeters or 50.8 millimeters. This length is often encountered in daily life, and recognizing it can be quite useful.

Understanding this measurement can help with tasks ranging from home improvement to crafting and even in casual conversations.

10 Common objects that are 2 inches long

We will gain an understanding of the size of 2 inches by comparing it to ten other everyday item measurements that we might be able to regularly see.

Following is the list of 10 common items that are almost 2 inches in diameter or at least give us an idea about how long is 2 inches.

1. Two American Quarters

US Quarter

Stacking two US quarters results in a combined height of approximately 2 inches. Each quarter has a diameter of 0.955 inches or 24.26 millimeters, so two stacked together reach close to the 2-inch mark.

I often use this simple method to estimate small measurements when I don’t have a ruler handy. It’s a quick trick I picked up from my grandfather who used coins for all sorts of practical tasks.

2. The diameter of a Soda Can

Pepsi Soda Can

In the USA, soda can sizes are standardized. A typical soda can is 4.83 inches tall and can hold 355 ml of liquid. The diameter is 2.13 inches at the lid and 2.6 inches at the widest point of the can.

For this article, we can consider the diameter of the lid, which is close to 2 inches. This measurement is particularly useful for gauging other objects when we lack specific measuring tools.

3. Golf Ball

Golf Ball

A standard golf ball has a diameter of around 1.68 inches, making it slightly less than 2 inches. Golf enthusiasts will recognize this measurement instantly, as it’s a critical aspect of the game.

There are also larger golf balls with a diameter of 1.74 inches, but these haven’t gained much popularity. This is because the smaller balls, with less air resistance, travel faster and more efficiently through the air, making them the preferred choice for most players.

4. Snooker Pool Ball

Snooker Balls 8 Ball

Snooker balls, used in the cue sport of snooker, are approximately 2.07 inches in diameter. While slightly above 2 inches, they are close enough for comparison.

I’ve spent many evenings playing snooker with friends, and understanding the ball size can actually help improve precision in the game.

5. Squash Ball

Black Squash Ball with 2 yellow dots

A squash ball measures about 1.56-1.59 inches in diameter, slightly under 2 inches. Despite its smaller size, it’s a powerful tool in the fast-paced game of squash.

The first time I played squash, I was amazed at how a ball so small could be so influential in determining the game’s pace and strategy. It’s incredible how such a small object can deliver such an intense workout.

6. Shot Glass Diameter

Shot Glass with wine in it

The average shot glass has a diameter of about 2 inches at the bottom. This measurement is standard in bars and homes for serving spirits.

I often use this comparison when setting up for a party, ensuring I have the right-sized glasses for the perfect pour. During gatherings, it’s the shot glasses that bring a sense of fun and camaraderie among friends.

7. Door Knob

Door Knob

A standard door knob often has a diameter close to 2 inches, making it easy to grip and turn. This size has been optimized over years of design evolution to fit comfortably in most hands. It’s one of those everyday objects that blend into our routines seamlessly.

8. Lemons


A single lemon typically has a diameter of around 2 inches. Whether I’m adding a dash of zest to a salad or squeezing fresh juice into a marinade, the 2-inch diameter of a lemon is a handy reference point in my kitchen.

Plus, having this knowledge makes grocery shopping more efficient, as I can quickly pick the right size without much hassle.

9. Roll of Duct Tape

Duct Tape

The core of a standard roll of duct tape usually has a diameter of about 2 inches. This core size is designed for ease of handling and storage.

I frequently use duct tape for various DIY projects around the house, and knowing this measurement helps me gauge the tape’s capacity. Duct tape has been my go-to solution for quick fixes, from sealing boxes to repairing broken items.

10. First Two Phalanges of the Index Finger

Index Finger measurement 3 inches long


At last, the final and best method is to measure through your fingers. Personally, this is my favorite method because it’s always available and gives a fairly accurate measure.

An Average Male’s Index Finger is about 3 inches long and each phalanx is about 1 inch long. That means if we consider the first two phalanges of your index finger (distal and middle phalanx) then it gives us a rough estimate of 2 inches.

This method is particularly handy when you need a quick, informal measurement.  It’s a trick I learned from my mother, who used it often while sewing and crafting.


Understanding the length of 2 inches through common objects provides a practical and relatable way to grasp this measurement. From coins and sports balls to everyday household items, these comparisons highlight the significance of this small yet substantial length.

Among all these methods, using the first two phalanges of the index finger stands out as my favorite due to its convenience and accuracy. Whether for casual or precise tasks, knowing these comparisons can make life a bit easier and more interesting.

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