8 Common things that are 7 Inches long. How long is 7 inches?

8 Common things that are 7 Inches long

In our daily lives, the need to measure things accurately often arises, yet not everyone carries a ruler or tape measure at all times. In these moments, we often find ourselves resorting to unconventional methods, using common objects as makeshift measuring tools.

One frequently encountered measurement is 7 inches, and it’s fascinating to discover how various everyday items align with this length.

How Long is 7 Inches?

Measuring 7 inches might seem straightforward, but understanding its exact length in various units provides valuable context. In the metric system, 7 inches converts to approximately 178 millimeters or 17.8 centimeters. In terms of feet, 7 inches is roughly 0.58 feet.

7 Inches is precisely equal to 17.8 centimeters or 177.8 millimeters or 0.583 feet.

8 Common things that are 7 Inches long

Here is a list of 8 everyday items that approximate the length of 7 inches, serving as practical measuring tools when measuring instruments are unavailable.

While these items may not precisely measure 7 inches, they provide a reliable reference point, offering a quick and convenient way to estimate this length in various situations.

1. iPhone

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

I love this method because of its ease of accessibility. In this modern world, everyone has a smartphone and it can be also used as a measuring tool when we don’t have any proper measuring tool.

Latest Smartphones typically range from 6.6 to 6.9 inches in length, providing a close approximation to the 7-inch measurement.

For example, the iPhone 15 Pro Max precisely measures 6.7 inches, with a negligible 0.3-inch difference. This makes smartphones a handy and accessible option for estimating lengths when needed.

So, the next time you find yourself curious about the length of something around 7 inches, simply reach for your smartphone in your pocket for a quick and convenient measurement.

2. Scissors

Large Metal Scissors

Scissors, versatile beyond their cutting function, can double as a measuring guide. Available in various sizes, small scissors typically range from 4 to 5 inches, while larger ones extend from 7 to 8 inches.

Among the commonly used scissors, a prevalent size is around 7 inches. When fully opened, the distance from one blade’s tip to the other often measures approximately 7 inches, providing a practical and accessible reference for measurements.

3. 2 Credit cards

2 Debit Cards

Credit cards or debit cards serve as excellent makeshift measuring tools due to their widespread availability and fixed dimensions. The width of these cards is precisely 3.375 inches, with a length of 2.125 inches.

When two credit or debit cards are considered together, their combined width totals 6.75 inches, offering a close approximation for objects measuring 7 inches. This makes credit and debit cards a readily accessible and practical option for on-the-go measurements.

4. 2 Crayons

Colorful Crayons

Sometimes Crayons can also be used as a measuring tool when we can’t find any measuring tape or ruler nearby. Typically ranging from 3 to 4 inches in length, the playful aspect of using two crayons together can contribute to the 7-inch estimation.

This unconventional method adds a touch of creativity to visualizing measurements, utilizing items commonly found in households or classrooms for a quick and resourceful solution.

5. 7 US Quarters

Pile of Quarters

A readily available item that can serve as a practical makeshift measuring tool is the US quarter. Thanks to its widespread availability, using US quarters for estimating 7-inch measurements becomes a convenient and effective solution.

The US quarter has an exact length of 0.955 inches. Interestingly, by aligning 7 US quarters in a row, the cumulative length reaches 6.7 inches, falling just short of our 7-inch mark.

We can use these coins as a measuring gauge too when we lack any other traditional measuring instruments. This illustrates the creativity that arises when we need to measure without traditional tools.

6. Pencil

Wooden Pencil on White Notepad

The wooden pencil stands as yet another commonplace item measuring approximately 7 inches in length. Pencils vary in size based on the manufacturer, with an unsharpened wooden pencil typically aligning with the 7-inch mark.

This characteristic makes it a convenient and practical tool for impromptu measurements in situations where dedicated measuring instruments are unavailable.

7. 4 Golf balls

Many White Golf Balls

If you are a fan of golf then you must be familiar with the size of golf ball size. Golf Balls are exactly 1.68 inches in diameter and it is the standard size of a golf ball that has been used all over the world

By aligning four golf balls consecutively, the collective length totals 6.72 inches, effectively approximating the 7-inch mark.

In the pursuit of a general estimation, the negligible excess of 0.28 inches can be overlooked, making this method a practical and easily understandable means of gauging lengths in the realm of golf.

8. Butter knife

Silver Butter Knife

Knives come in diverse sizes, each tailored for specific purposes. Among them is the butter knife, distinguished by its sharp point and dull edge, crafted for serving butter pats from a dish to individual plates.

Typically measuring between 5 to 7 inches, a butter knife is slightly shorter than a dinner knife. This size range offers a near match for objects about 7 inches long. Examining the dimensions of a butter knife provides valuable insights into items sharing a comparable length.


The world of measurements can often be variable, influenced by different models, companies, and manufacturers. The aim here is to offer a broad comprehension of objects that fall in the ballpark of about 5 inches.

To streamline the measuring process and provide assistance, I’ve personally handpicked a few items that I consistently refer to in my articles. Getting acquainted with these examples enables us to effortlessly recall them when the need arises, making measurements a more straightforward task. I trust you find this article both enjoyable and enlightening.

Wishing you a fantastic day filled with prosperous measuring adventures. Happy Measuring!

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