7 Common things that are 9 inches long, things that are 9 inches long

7 Common things that are 9 Inches long

If you are looking for a hobby then I think measuring things is a very interesting hobby. I personally love measuring things and I do a lot of measuring in my spare time.

When we see things around us and want to know the length of those things, we simply measure them with a ruler or inches tape but sometimes we face a situation when there is not any measuring tool available.

At those times, we can understand the idea of required length by comparing them with the lengths of common everyday objects.

How Long is 9 Inches?

Precisely, 9 Inches is equal to 22.86 cm or 0.75 ft.

9 Inches is a widespread length and we see many things around us that are approximately 9 inches long or close to 9 inches.

9 inches is quite a relatively short length, which is not easy to guess without any proper measuring tool but as we are here for you, we will tell you about 7 common objects that are about 9 inches long.

7 Common things that are 9 Inches long

Following is the list of 7 common items that are approximately 9 Inches long. Next time when you want to know how big is 9 inches, just take one of these common objects and gauge them to understand how long is 9 inches.

1. 0.5 Litre Coke

Black 0.5 litre Diet Coca Cola with no sugars

Coca-Cola is one of the biggest companies in the world. According to Coca-Cola, more than 1.9 Billion Coca-Cola are served in more than 200 countries. This tells us that it is present in almost every household and we can sometimes use it as a measuring tool too.

0.5 Litre Coca-Cola Bottle length is approximately 8 inches long so if we consider the proximal phalanx part of our forefinger too then we can consider it as a 9-inch length and take it as a measuring tool when you lack a ruler or inches tape.

2. Standard Sized Straw

Lemonade and straw

Standard Straws are easily accessible with every juice or beverage. You might never think of it as a measuring tool but here we will explore the measuring world and will know how beautiful it is when we can use almost everything as a measuring tool.

Standard Straw Size is almost 8.5 inches long and we can use it too to gauge anything that comes close to this length.

3. Stick Shift  extension

stick shifter gear of a car

Shifter extensions elevate the gear shift knob, enhancing arm ergonomics for smoother and more comfortable shifting, promoting precision.

Before Automatic Cars, they are mostly used as a gear. Stick Shift Extension is nearly 9 inches long and is still popular in this world of automatic cars.

4. Cake Knife

cake pie and kitchen knife

There are a lot of types of Knives and they all have different sizes and purposes. One of them is Cake Knife which is approximately 9 inches long and Is longer than usual knives.

Cake Knife is used for decorating and slicing cake and pastries. It is available in almost every household and it can used as a measuring tool when the need arises.

5. 6 Size Shoe

Pair of Shoes

Shoes come in different sizes according to your own foot size. In the USA, a 6-size Shoe is almost equal to 9 inches in length. If you don’t know how to measure your shoe size, you can read this article by Nike to understand how to measure foot sizes.

So if your shoe size is 6 size, then definitely it will help us with a measuring tool for things that are 9 inches long but don’t worry if your shoe size is not 6 size, it still gives you the idea of dimension.

6.  Letter or ANSI Letter (Paper)

Letter Size Paper

Letter or ANSI A is a paper similar to A4 Size paper which has a standard size of 8.5 * 11 inches. It is used in most of the countries all over the world and its size is defined in ISO 216.

Although its size is not precisely 9 inches long still we can ignore that 0.5-inch part and can still consider this in our list.

Letter Paper is mostly used as office stationery in the US, Canada, and other countries. We can use this paper from our workspace as a measuring tool when we lack any proper measuring tool.

7. Large Banana

Couple of Bananans

The thing I love about bananas the most is that it is a non-seasonal fruit that is available throughout the whole year. It comes in different lengths as some are very short bananas like 3-4 inches long, some are medium like 6-7 inches long and on the contrary, some are very long even exceeding the length of 10 inches.

We can consider long bananas that are around 8-9 inches long in our article as we are primarily discussing things that are 9 inches long.


Ultimately, our goal is to gain a general understanding of the dimensions of objects. While these measurements may not be exact, they provide valuable insights into size and assist in honing our ability to estimate and measure accurately.

I love measuring things and I think if you reach the end of it, I believe we share that enthusiasm. Here I measure different things and tell you guys about the measurement of those things. Hope you like this journey with me. Heapy measuring!

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