7 Common things that are 8 inches long. How long is 7 Inches?

7 Common things that are 8 Inches long

In instances where the absence of a measuring tool hinders our ability to determine precise measurements, we can resort to an alternative approach by comparing the lengths of everyday objects.

While these common items may not offer exact measurements, they provide a general indication and understanding of the length we seek to measure. This pragmatic method allows for a practical estimation when traditional measuring tools are unavailable.

How Long is 8 Inches?

The length of 8 inches is precisely equivalent to 20.32 centimeters or 203.2 millimeters.

The length of 8 inches is a common dimension encountered frequently in our daily lives. Through a simple comparison of objects with this length, we can effortlessly grasp an understanding of items that are either 8 inches long or close to this measurement.

7 Common things that are 8 inches long

Here’s a list of nine everyday items that are roughly 8 inches in length. These objects can serve as impromptu measuring tools in the absence of traditional measurement instruments, providing a practical and sufficient estimate for various purposes.

Without further delay, let’s explore these items in more detail.

1. An Average Male Hand

Adult Male Hand length is 8 inches

I love this method personally because of its ease of access that’s why I have put this method on number 1 as usual. An Average Adult Male hand is 7.6 inches long from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist of the hand.

Not every hand has the same length so I will personally suggest you guys to first measure your hand size in your spare time with a ruler so next time when you need to measure anything, you can use your hand dimensions to understand the length of different things.

As a measurement lover guy, I know my hand’s measurements of different lengths and it definitely helps me measure things with my own hands. Measuring things with your own hands is a great method and I don’t think you need any other method if you become proficient at it.

2. An Average Banana

Yellow Bananas

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, A banana is at least 7 inches long. Usually, a small banana is around 6-7 inches long, a medium one is 7-8 inches long, and a large one is 8-9 inches long.

By considering the length of medium or large bananas that come in the range of 7-9 inches long, we can get a general understanding of the things that are 8 inches long.

This fruit can serve as a delicious and accessible measuring tool, making it a fun and practical alternative when traditional rulers are nowhere to be found.

3. Standard Pencil


The average length of a standard mechanical pencil is about 7 inches long and if we consider that eraser part too then it comes around 7.5 to 8 inches long.

Of course, the length of the pencil depends upon the manufacturer, brand, and material but we are here just to get a general idea of the things that are 8 inches long.

A small margin of error is possible in any case as we are not here for precise results. Measuring things with a pencil is another great method for measuring things when a ruler or measuring tape is not around.

4. iPad Mini

iPad Mini

The iPad mini is one of the smallest tablets in the world. Its length is precisely 8.3 inches long and it comes under our 8-inch radar. We can ignore that exceeded 0.3 inches in length as we are here just to get the general idea of the things that are 8 inches long.

This portable device can serve as a quick reference for estimating lengths, especially when a ruler is not readily available.

5. Mouse Pad

Mouse and Mousepad

The average mouse pad is designed to accommodate the movements of a computer mouse and typically measures close to 8 inches in width. In a tech-driven world, this familiar item becomes a convenient measuring tool for everyday tasks.

Mouse Pad also comes in different measurements depending upon brand, manufacturer, and brand. For instance, the Amazon Basics Small Computer Mouse Pad is precisely 8.3 inches long and 10 inches wide.

We can consider its length part as our 8-inch target and can use it as a measuring instrument when other measuring instruments are not present.

6. Kitchen’s Knife

Chef's Knife

A standard kitchen knife, commonly used for chopping and slicing, often boasts a blade length of approximately 8 inches. Beyond its culinary applications, this kitchen essential becomes a handy measuring tool for those impromptu moments in the kitchen.

7. Small Hockey Stick Blade

Ice Hockey Stick

There is no standard length for the Hockey Stick Blade’s length. Small Hockey Stick blade length is usually 8 inches long and a large hockey stick is around 9 inches long. In the NHL, the Maximum blade length is 12.5 inches.

We can consider a small hockey stick blade length as it comes under our 8-inch target and it can be used as a measuring tool in good times.


In the absence of traditional measuring tools, these everyday items offer a practical and accessible solution for estimating lengths of around 8 inches.

From kitchen tools to sports equipment, the world around us provides an array of unconventional yet reliable measuring options, proving that creativity and resourcefulness go hand in hand in solving everyday challenges.

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