9 Common things that are 15 centimeters long. How long is 15 centimeters

9 Common things that are 15 centimeters long

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to measure something, but a ruler or tape measure was nowhere to be found? It happens to the best of us.

In those moments, we resort to creative alternatives to gauge the length, and one commonly encountered measurement is 15 cm. But how do you determine this length without a proper measuring tool?

How Long is 15 Centimeters?

15 Centimeters is precisely equal to 5.9 inches, 150 millimeters, or 0.49 feet.

Measuring at just 15 centimeters, this length can be deemed relatively short, posing a challenge in visualizing its extent without a proper measuring tool. To add some perspective, it’s noteworthy that 15 cm is nearly equivalent to half a foot.

9 Common things that are 15 Centimeters long

Whether you’re in a classroom, office, or kitchen, the need for a quick measurement often arises. In such cases, you might find yourself improvising with everyday items to estimate the elusive 15 cm length.

Here, we explore 9 common objects that are approximately 15 cm long, offering a practical solution for those moments when precision is key.

1. 3 AA Battery

4 Duracell AA Battery Cells

AA Battery is a cell we usually use in remotes for our Televisions or Clocks. An AA cell measures 49.2–50.5 mm in length or 1.94-1.99 inches which is approximately equal to 5 centimeters in length.

So if we take 3 AA Batteries and align them vertically, we’ll get the sum length of 15 cm, and we can get a general idea about how long is 15 cm and can use them as a gauge tool for measuring things.

2. BIC Crystal Pen

BIC Crystal Pen on White Register

The ubiquitous BIC pen, a writing instrument found in many pockets and purses, is another unsuspecting hero in the quest for 15 cm measurements.

BIC Crystal Pen is precisely equal to 14.5 cm in length excluding its cap. We can ignore the above 0.5 cm length as we are here just to get the general idea of things that are 15 cm long.

3. Six US Quarters

Pile of Silver and Bronze US Quarters

I love this method because of its ease of access and availability. US quarters are so common that are found in every pocket. US Quarter length is precisely 2.42 cm in diameter.

If we take 6 Quarters and align them vertically, we will get a total length of 14.5 cm which is remarkably close to 15 cm. This coin combination serves as a practical measurement guide for various items.

4. United States Dollar

US Dollar Bill

US Dollar is another great method of understanding the length of things that are 15 cm long or getting a general idea about how big is 15 cm.

A single U.S. dollar bill, approximately 15.6 cm long, serves as an effective reference for gauging the length of smaller objects. Keep a dollar handy for impromptu measurements.

5. Six Almonds

5 Almonds shape like Star

Beyond being a healthy snack, almonds can also be used as a measuring tool at good times. An average single Almond is round about equal to 1 inch in length or 2.4 cm in diameter.

Aligning 6 almonds gave us a total length of 15 cm. This unexpected use for almonds showcases the versatility of everyday items.

6. Half A4 Paper

White A4 Paper

The A4 paper adheres to the ISO A or ISO 216 standard, boasting dimensions of 210 millimeters in width and 297 millimeters in length, approximately 21 cm by 29.7 cm.

We can consider its length of 29.7 cm and fold A4 Paper in half, we will get the approximate length of 15 centimeters and that’s how we can use this half-folded paper to get the general idea of the things that are 15 cm long.

7. iPhone 12 Mobile

iPhone 12 Black Model with two airpods

In the Modern Tech World, Smart Phones generally are 6.5-7 inches in length which is around 16.5 cm to 17.5 cm in length and that exceeds our 15 cm mark a little bit. So I am here to give you the exact model that comes nearest to our 15 cm mark.

iPhone 12 length is exactly 5.78 inches long which is approximately 14.7 cm long and can be used as a measuring tool in good times when we lack any proper measuring tool.

So next time, when you want to know how long is 15 cm, just grab your iPhone 12 from your side pocket and start measuring!

8. Hot Dog

Hot Dog with Red and Yellow Sauce

Believe it or not, a standard-sized hot dog can serve as a quirky yet effective measuring tool. Its length makes it a surprisingly accurate reference point for 15 cm.

Regular Hot Dogs are almost equal to 6 inches in length which is approximately equal to 15 cm in length and sometimes we can use hot dogs too as a measuring tool just before eating them.

9. Half of a Loaf of Bread

Loaf of Bread

Loaf of a bread can also be used as a great measuring tool at good times. In the United States, a pre-sliced loaf of bread typically measures approximately 12 to 15 inches in length, which is approximately 30 to 40 cm long.

Divide a loaf of bread in half, and you’ll have a familiar kitchen item that aids in estimating 15 cm lengths. This culinary solution showcases creativity in everyday applications.


In our daily lives, the need to measure things quickly and accurately is ever-present. While rulers and tape measures are the traditional tools for the job, the 9 common items listed above offer a surprising and accessible alternative when the need arises.

Next time you find yourself without a measuring tool, look around chances are, a 15 cm estimate is closer than you think.

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